Sunday, August 14, 2005

another one bites the dust

To add to the list of growing deaths this week (fortunately none close) is former Prime Minister of New Zealand, David Lange (that’s pronounced long-ee for those aussies who call him laing, or even lang-che.) A colourful and larger than life character ending an era of such oddball statesmen (“Piggie” Muldoon and “Big Norm” Kirk preceding him) these are the things I will remember him for:

1 Standing up to the yanks by making New Zealand Nuclear Free
2 Bringing in conservative labour and economic reforms, known as Rogernomics (after his finance minister who concocted them)
3 Having his stomach stapled
4 Being a great debater
5 His first wife Naomi, known for being a good mum and wearing cardies (cardigans)
6 His second wife Margaret, who was on the scene long before Naomi knew about it and would never have been caught dead in a cardie
7 ..and finally dieing from a little known disease, amyloidosis.

If there is such a thing as a great debating chamber in the sky am sure Lange will be there with a bottle of wine, witty repartee and a big belly laugh.


Blogger Armagnac Esq. said...

Ah, and genuinely lefty leaders are in such short supply.

May he rest in peace.

10:24 am  

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