Sunday, July 17, 2005

You'll need more than a VB this time Dougie

Poor Doug Wood. The bloke gets kidnapped in Iraq, his head shaved, a black eye for supposedly lying to his captors about how much money he had hanging about his house (according to his infamous TV interview) and now his former business colleague has come out and bad mouthed him. John Watkinson, who he had previously been in partnership with in the Middle East, has spilled his guts to the media with a story of poor management and embezzlement. Watkinson went further to cast aspersions on the circumstances around Wood’s capture and his reputation at the time in Iraq. The claims that he was in debt, had no contracts and were unlikely to gain any were backed up independently by accounts from a number of people left behind with unpaid debts prior to his capture.

It appears our little Aussie hero is not as innocent as the checque book journalists wanted us to believe. There is an inference that the circumstances around his hijacking were highly unusual and that there was evidence to suggest it was a criminal gang, not the mujahideen behind the kidnapping.

What’s more the poor guy who looks like the perfect poster boy for the “before” shot in a Jenny Craig commercial, didn’t loose a single kilo on his weeks of bread and water in captivity. It really is not fair! Now Dougie has pocketed his reported $400,000 and bar a photoshoot with John Howard has stayed mum since the Channel 10 extravagnza.

But on the subject of his mate Johny, Wood’s estranged partner has a few things to say. In another Age exclusive Watkinson is quoted as saying that
“..he finds Wood's recent praise of President George Bush and John Howard hard to fathom. "Doug thought the war was rubbish. He was there for the business created by the war, but he never believed in it. He always argued against the Americanisation of Iraq." Damn Dougie, these goes the diplomatic posting you were angling for, but at least you get to retire in Australia and reap all the advantages of citizenship that your untaxed earnings never paid for.


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