Monday, July 25, 2005

Just a little bit more on events in London

I haven’t quite vented my spleen enough about the Met’s “shoot to kill” bungle. The murder of of 27 yo Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes is not enough for them to revisit their policy and they have proudly gone on record to say they will do it again, because (and I paraphrase) next time they might get lucky and actually bag a terrorist. What ever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and the right to a fair trial? This is like a bad Western where the sheriff rules the town with a smoking gun.

But perhaps what is more alarming is the average Brit (sorry Richard) defending the policy. The BBC news website has been calling for comments on the event and the one they decided to highlight was.
The police cannot afford to take chances

With innocent lives at risk, the police cannot afford to take chances with suspicious people who run away when challenged. It's easy with hindsight to accuse them of being too hasty, but haste is unavoidable when you might have a suicide bomber among dozens of people on a tube train. There's no time to interview the suspect - there's just action. If people want someone to blame for this, blame the terrorists who have made such actions necessary.
Jennifer Harvey, UK

That’s it. “Blame the terrorists”. The policeman who shot him was totally innocent. It was the terrorists’ fault. I’m sure the Menezes family is taking great comfort from that idea.

Jennifer Harvey and the vast majority who have voiced similar opinions are proof that we can brainwash the public into supporting something previously believed unacceptable. Like the famous experiment where uni students were talked into giving what they believed were potentially fatal electrical shocks in the name of science, it is interesting how death can be justified in certain circumstances. Perhaps if a poll had been taken in the UK a month ago asking them if they would support this shoot to kill scenario,I believe the general response would have been different.

Despite the don't let the bastards grind you down approach of the Brits, the terrorists have gotten the upper hand here through the erosion of values that Western countries had held dear – freedom, justice and the British way. Bush and his allies are increasingly ruling their homelands with more power over a people with less rights. Sounds a bit like Saddam, doesn't it?


Blogger Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Remember, in order to stop the "terrorists" killing people, the police must be able to shoot and kill the people that need to be protected.

11:06 am  
Anonymous Keith said...

The situation here in England now is very dodgy. If you visit London you have to be constantly on the lookout not only for suicide bombers, but armed plain clothes police. If they now suspect a terrorist or someone is carrying a bomb or explosives they are free to open fire, even in a crowded street, shopping mall or the underground. It's getting like the movies of "NYPD" where people throw themselves to the ground at the sound of a gunshot!

My solution? I just don't go to London any more.

Here it is OK to call the British 'Brits', the Americans 'Yanks' the Welsh 'Taffy', etc., but if you call a Pakistanii a 'Paki' you could face a fine and/or possible imprisionment for "inciting racial hatred" under the new laws.

6:15 pm  

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