Sunday, July 03, 2005

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Had a great day just out of Mellbourne in Healesville, one of the Mountain towns about an hours drive away. I was going to write about the fantastic meal I had at the foodie mecca, the Healesville Hotel, but it all got too gushy like a badly written restaurant review – so I will keep it short and sweet.

I have rediscovered the joy of ‘doing lunch’. A winters day. Getting out of the city, somewhere with clean, crisp air. A cosy restaurant with an open fire. An interesting menu (not a pasta or a sticky date pudding in sight). An equally delightful wine list, featuring local beauties. Getting excited by a certain shiraz on the list and splurging, turning a great meal into a special occasion.

I can rave about the light little chunks of pan fried gnocchi with mushrooms, garlic and lemon for my entrée. I can gush about the delicately smoked and baked piece of salmon, served on couscous surrounded by a moat of green harrissa sauce. I can embarrass myself by mentioning I even had a pear tarte tartin for dessert. But though the food was a knockout, the ambience was the best. You throw all the ingredients in with an exceptional bottle of red, add the companionship of someone you love, add time and let it marinate.

Despite my dietary quirks (a semi-vegan piscitarian) I love food and enjoy dinning somewhere that I have choices on a menu. I get off on flavours combined with skill, but food that’s not too fussy. I think it is better to drink one glass of a good quality wine, than a bottle of something that makes your mouth pucker. But what really flavours food is the company of good friends.

Heres to more weekends of woodsmoke,shiraz and companionship. Life really is too short.


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Yes, a delicious afternoon on every level ;-)

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